Directions to BIG OAKS COTTAGES. 110-45th Str. North, Wasaga Beach,  705 429 6475.

Hwy 400 Route.  


Take Hwy 401 to exit #359.. Go North on Hwy 400.

Take exit # 96B to Dunlop Street west or Hwy 90 to Angus/Base Borden. 
NOTE: This exit is after you have gone under the overpass.

There are a few sets of traffic lights but after a couple of minutes driving, the road narrows down to 2 lanes. 
Stay on this road.
Soon you will see a set of lights with at the right side of the road a nursery and greenhouses.

After going for 1.5 km./.09 mi. you see traffic lights at a Suzuki car dealer on the right-hand side of the road.
Turn right there towards Minesing. Should take about 11.7 km./7.3 mi. or so to get there.

Keep going until you reach the stop sign at Hwy 26. 

Turn left on Hwy 26 to Stayner/Collingwood. Stay on this road for 20.5 km./12.7 mi.

After a while, (16 km./9.9 mi) you will see traffic lights at Simcoe Road 10, there is a BENI gas station on the corner. Although it says, Wasaga Beach turn right, you keep going for another few minutes. 

Next, (5 km/3.1 mi) you will see a SHELL station on the right hand side of the road and Simcoe  Road 7/Wasaga Beach.

Turn right here and go North for 5.5 km./3.4 miles.

You will see signs posted that say: Wasaga Beach and 50 Km/h. Keep going for another 2 minutes. 

Go straight through the lights, at Mosley Str. On the right hand is an Esso station, on the left a restaurant.

Go 6 houses up, and on the left-hand, you will see our place, there is a BIG OAKS COTTAGES sign.
(You should see the lake too by now).

 Bon Voyage.