Directions to BIG OAKS COTTAGES. 110-45th Str. North, Wasaga Beach,  705 429 6475.


Directions from Hamilton, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls.


Go along the QEW (Queen Elisabeth Way) towards Toronto. 

After reaching Oakville watch for exit # 123, it takes you to Hwy. 403 to Toronto. The exit is where the Ford plant is in Oakville. After driving 17 km, (10.6 miles) you will see a sign that says 410 North, Brampton.
Go on that Hwy. Donít go on the 401 Hwy at all!!!  Stay on this Hwy. for another 19 km (11.8 miles).

You drive quite a while along this nice 410 Hwy. After you have passed Hwy 7 or Bovaird, the road becomes Heart Lake Road and is no longer a Hwy. The speed limit is now 70 km/h. You will see a couple of traffic lights, but once you have gone around an S bend in the road, you should see Mayfield Road. Turn right (east) here at the lights. From here to Airport Rd. is 5.5 km.  (3.4 miles)

The next lights will be at Dixie, Bramalea, Torbram Rd. Keep going. 
You should now see a sign; Tullamore. 

The next light is at Airport Road. On the right hand side is an Esso station and a Coffee Time Restaurant. On the left had side is another older restaurant and next to it a Country Market. You need this as a reference point on the way back. 

Turn left here. From this point it is about 86 km. (53.4 miles) to our place. After driving 10 km (6.2 miles) you are in Mono Road. Next place is Caledon East (2 km/ 1.2 mi). Another 11-12 km (6-7 mi) and you are at Mono Mills and Hwy 9.On the north-west corner is a Sunoco gas station.

Once you are North of Hwy 9, watch your speed carefully. There are a few sharp curves in the road that should be taken with care. This road is not very suitable for winter driving when there is snow or ice. 

After driving 21 km (13.1 mi) you are at Hwy 89. Here too you will find a Esso Station and a Coffee Time restaurant. On the opposite site there is a Bavarian restaurant. Watch that you do not turn here on the way back. From here it is about 43 km (26.7 mi) to our place. 

Once you reach the lights in Stayner, turn right on Hwy. 26 E.
(You should see a Tim Horton on the one corner and an Esso station at the other corner).

You are now on Hwy 26 east, going towards Barrie. Go slightly more than 2 km. (1.2 mi) east. 

After a while you will see a SHELL station on the left hand side of the road and Simcoe Road 7/Wasaga Beach. Turn left here and go north for  4 km.(2.5 mi).  Soon you will enter Wasaga Beach.

You will see signs posted that say: Wasaga Beach and 50 Km/h. Keep going for another 2 km. (1.2 mi).

Go straight through the lights, at Mosley, on the right hand is an Esso station, on the left a restaurant.

Go 6 houses up, and on the left-hand, you will see our place, there is a BIG OAKS COTTAGES sign.
(You should see the lake too by now). 

Bon Voyage.